5 Features Shopify Scalable Software Offers (Features You Might Not Know About)

Shopify scalable software comes with numerous features but here are 5 handy features you might not know about!

By now, we assume you are getting familiar with the features, applications, extensions, and plugins Shopify scalable software offers. When logged into your account, you are plenty of value and you are able to see all kinds of important information about your online store with a few clicks.

But are you familiar with all the features that would make your life easier, that could increase your productivity, improve the store security? If you aren’t, don’t worry because we are here to help you out.

In this article, we will discuss 5 features you might not know about:

1. Get organized with customer groups: If you want to segment customers based on location, purchase activity, account status, and more, Shopify allows you to do that. There are customers groups that can help you segment all of your customers. The customer groups are important for the business owners for a number of reasons. You can export groups and send marketing campaigns via email to specific customers. You can also segment customers based on the total spend in your online store.

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2. Launch a product collection with future publishing: If you are in Australia and you are planning on launching a new product, product collection, page or blog post at a specific time in the future, Shopify`s enterprise e-commerce feature of publishing future can help you. This feature allows you to hide parts of your store until a specific date. You will publish the collection at the time and date that you prefer.

3. Use Admin Search to dig through your store: If you are running a store and you have tons of products, posts, pages, and more, this is the perfect feature for you. By using the Admin Search, you can easily find the information you need. You can dig through the store and find information about specific orders, products, customers, blog posts, collections, storefront pages, and much more. In order for you to use this tool, go to your Shopify admin, find the “Search” option and you will open the tool.

4. Customize the Gift Cards: Did you know that you can customize the gift cards? If you are using the Shopify Unlimited Plan, you will be able to create gift cards for your online store. Shopify scalable software offers standard-looking gift cards so you don’t have to bother and do any graphic design work by yourself. In order for you to change the appearance of the gift cards, you need to upload and use the image that you want to use, modify the gift card template so that it uses the new image. You can make even more complex changes, but keep in mind that a greater level of professional expertise is required.

5. The Secret Boss Key: Your online store may be your primary job or maybe your side business project. If you are currently working in a company and the online store is just your side project, we suppose you sneak around to work on your Shopify online store. The secret boss key is essential in situations like these. All you need to do is log into your account and type “boss”. Your store will be transformed into an Excel spreadsheet.

Now that you are familiar with these features ecommerce solution offers, it is important to try them. All you have to do right now is login to your Shopify account, test the features, and see what will happen to your store! Enjoy the positive results and shopping experiences!