Enterprise Ecommerce Software Solutions

Enterprise ecommerce software is a solution that allows larger organizations to sell online. It, however, does not mean that enterprise ecommerce solutions are the preserve of multi-million-dollar corporations.

Most ecommerce software is cloud-based with providers like Shopify leading the way in offering complete enterprise software solutions for large and small enterprises alike.  In this article, we’ll take a closer look at ecommerce software and help you figure out which best works for you.

1. Which Businesses Qualify as Enterprises?

A business classified as “Enterprise” has little to do with the number of employees on its payroll, client base or payroll. While some of these factors may be indicators, the real basis of a business qualifying as an enterprise has everything to do with structure.

You might be an enterprise if you offer more than one kind of product or service to your customers and the various branches or departments in your businesses pool financial and technical resources. Another indicator may be if your branch network operates under a singular general management team.

2. What Is Enterprise Software?

Enterprise application software or EAS is a software system that by design caters to the diverse needs of a large business. Enterprise software brings each department under one umbrella, enabling seamless communication and operations.

Enterprise software provides a centralized, company-wide solution for sales, accounting, ecommerce, inventory and much more. Enterprise software is appropriate for multi-location/multi-server businesses owing to its enhanced capacity.

Ecommerce software for enterprises is largely cloud-hosted though, in some instances, the software may be locally installed, or a hybrid of both systems. Enterprise software can handle diverse tasks.

What Does Ecommerce Software Do for an Enterprise?

Think of the enterprise version of ecommerce software as having everything the conventional system would have with a ton of added features and capabilities; all the bells and whistles. From the handling of product numbers, range and variations to, storage and bandwidth, enterprise software capacity are genuinely unlimited.

Packed with premium features like custom SSL certificates, single sign-on (SSO) access and inventory and order management, enterprise software’s multi-channel systems for multi-store businesses is a one-stop solution. 

While different providers offer different perks, a great enterprise software solution should provide the following vital functionalities;

·        Web Design

There’s no need to create your website from scratch. Choose from thousands of customizable templates and third-party providers, to tailor the look, feel and functionality of your site to reflect your brand, values and mission.


·        Shopping Cart

Your e-commerce software should allow shoppers to browse as guests or signed up members and take care of checkout and secure payment processing. Customers should easily add items and have multiple payment processing options at check out.

·        Customer Service

Customers should have instant access to their purchase histories and order tracking information and have the option to save products from wish lists for future purchases. Besides, the system should store cookies for faster, more convenient checkout. 

·        Order Management

An excellent enterprise software system should have the capacity to manage transactions. Fulfilling shipping orders, issuance of invoices, applying discounts, extending credit, factoring loyalty points and more from a single location should come as standard features.


·        Mobile Commerce

Your software should be able to use browser detection to direct smartphone users to your mobile-optimized site for better customer experience.

·        Product Management

Customize product pages with images, unique pricing options and other customizations as well as easily import, export and manage inventory.

·        Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The system should have SEO tools and configurations for boosting traffic to your store and individual product pages from search results. Metadata for products and categories, search engine site maps and URL control should be part of the package.

·        Marketing

Robust software systems will offer marketing opportunities within your storefront and website with promotions like discount sales, special pricing, free shipping and more. You can also use customer data to cross-sell products.   

·        Analytics and Reporting

Measure your online store’s performance with full analytics and reporting. Options include traffic monitoring with Google Analytics integration, as well as the ability to generate detailed sales reports, shopping cart reports, most-viewed and best-purchased product reports, stock and inventory reports, search term reports, coupon usages, best customers, and much more.

·        Multiple Websites

For multi online or brick and mortar businesses, ecommerce software for enterprise such as Shopify will run any number of websites multiple using a single account for more effective and efficient store management.

3. Added Benefits

The most significant benefit of using an excellent enterprise software solution like Shopify is that it is among the most reliable options available for merchants and developers alike. Robust enterprise solutions offer a wealth of knowledge and support resources at your service at all times.

Although ecommerce software solutions offer a ton of resources for online customization, it doesn’t limit you. Your software will allow you to integrate third-party solutions for additional functionality.

Moreover, top ecommerce software providers invest heavily in technology and research, continuously developing new and innovative features for their users.

An ever-growing collection of plugins and extensions is made available to customize your platform.

Adding features and functions you feel would be beneficial to your ecommerce software system are made more accessible. Help is always at hand so that you do not have to struggle with complex tasks.

Ecommerce enterprise software helps you unite all of your operations, linking departments to ensure everything runs as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. For example, you will be able to sync customer care, HR and marketing departments, while procurement and supply chain departments complement each other.

Final Thoughts

You understand business and are keenly aware that to gain the upper hand; there is no room for half measures. What you need as an ecommerce enterprise owner is a complete solution that your business will not outgrow.

As you research for the best software solutions for your company, check out what the top contenders offer using the checklist above. An excellent ecommerce software system should be able to tick most if not all the boxes.

Assess your business needs, look for the right set of features and take your enterprise to the next level.